Small Electrical Works

Small yet vital works

There are numerous small electrial works which are important to get right. It certainly pays to take on the services of a professional electrician to ensure your safety and the correct installation of a range of products.  Whether its a call out to get your electrics back on safely or installing a new double socket for a kettle, our team ensure that we treat your job as importantly as the next.

Here are just a few of the small electrical works we undertake daily:

  • Fire alarms & smoke detectors
  • Electrical appliance changeovers
  • Extra sockets & lighting
  • Fault finding & repairs

Our team cover a wide range of areas including Ascot, Berkshire, Chiswick, Egham, Englefield Green, Fulham, Maidenhead and Virginia Water. We offer a 24h emergency call out service as well as routine call outs during our office hours.  Simply give us a call to get your small electrical works finished to the best standards possible!

Fire Alarms & Smoke Detectors

Having a working fire alarm or smoke detector helps to provide an early warning in the event of a fire, allowing you to take action to get yourself to safety or to tackle the problem before it turns into something much more serious.  Sadly, many deaths occur in homes where fire alarms and smoke detectors are no working or are not installed correctly.  These deaths are completely avoidable with functioning fire alarms or smoke detectors.

Landlords are required by law to install smoke alarms in all their properties (since 2015) and it is good practice to install smoke alarms in every property regardless of whether you live in it yourself or rent it out.

All smoke detectors we supply comply fully with British and European safety standards.  We can advise you on the best type of alarms and detectors to detect either smoke or heat and to avoid false alarms which can happen if the wrong type of alarms are situated near heat sources!

We install fire alarms in all types of residential and commercial property.

Extra Sockets & Lighting

Additional sockets are useful to ensure that existing ones are not overloaded. It also means you can plug in your gadgets and appliances wherever you like, without having unsightly cables and extension leads all over the room!  It is important to be aware of the amount of plugs you have using single sockets, so having additional ones added can make a big difference to the safety of your home or business.

Many people choose to convert rooms for different use, such as using a spare bedroom as a study or office. The conversion is usually simple from a cosmetic view, but new lighting and sockets might be required to get the best use from the new room. This is where we come in! We can offer advice and help in choosing the best locations for your new sockets as well as supply a range of excellent lighting solutions to make your room the best it can be.

Fault Finding & Repair

When things go wrong with your electrical system, it is important to find out why and get the issue fixed as quickly as you can.  Often, faults are caused by something very simple such as a blown fuse or damage to an appliance. When the cause is more difficult to find, getting the right solution isn’t always easy either.

Spot On Electrics apply our expert knowledge and experience of residential and commercial electrical systems to quickly find the cause of problems and identify the best way to fix the issue.  We remove the fault rather than just provide a short term, quick fix.

Electrical Appliance Installation

If you have bought a new electrical appliance such as a cooker or electric shower and do not want to pay for the installation to be carried out by the supplier, Spot On Electrics can do this for you.

We can install new electrial appliances and carry out a full safety check to make sure your product is safe to use without you needing to attempt the installation yourself.

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